Stay in the car when the vehicle is more secure than the thunder?

One summer, always inevitable thunderstorm weather, driving in such weather really worth a good note, especially the lack of novice driving experience. Thunder days, in fact, stay in the car is very safe, it said that some people have done experiments, and proved that car is not only afraid of lightning, as well as "electrostatic shielding" effect can protect the passengers from harm, but be careful Some dangers encountered on the road.

First, the thunderstorm is wonderful to drive less

First thunderstorm days is sure to go outside of thunderstorm days or less open point car good. Although it is proven to be safe, but not afraid of ten thousand, afraid of the event. And although cars are not afraid of lightning, but when hit to, you might be fine, but no one dared offerings to ensure your car is in good condition, was struck by lightning to the car when the electronic components may be damaged high-voltage transient.

Second, do not get off to check the car when thunder

The case if your car accidentally hit by lightning to, and then could not walk, and you should never rush off to check ah. If you want to be brave and want to show you in this moment of "heroism", then I advise you not good. Thunder when you are sitting quietly waiting inside the car stopped like thunder, and this time the car but your best protection cover, do not fly off the handle, you can enjoy a quiet look at the whole as a person in the world not to Good thing.

Third, do not go to the shelter under a big tree

Many of my friends think thunder days in which the car is not safe, after all, the car body is iron, simply went to the roadside trees for shelter, or a billboard below. If you are to do so, simply set the expense of his own life, ah, you wait for a safe place, but had to go to dangerous places. In case a tree split by lightning or the wind blows down to, it is a rude awakening, in the trees is very unsafe practices, and do not play phone, cell phone antenna is also likely to lead to lightning.

Fourth, thunderstorm days driving the need for attention

Please turn on near light fog also open if there is fog, increasing the visible range of sight, reduce speed and keep a distance from the vehicle in front of the best in the 100 meters or more. After the rain and fog, snow or dust filled the weather, in addition to turn on the fog and reduce the speed, some drivers will get used to open the double flash, actually did not need to, first of fog penetration is much greater than the hazard warning lights, turn on the hazard warning lights followed, the vehicle lost steering prompt, the user turns or if they are too much trouble, and the line to overtake, hastily turning or overtaking very content and traffic accidents after being ignored by car. So non-emergency situation, do not open the double flash.

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