Automobile Fault Diagnosis

1, exhaust black smoke: Fault found: true failure. Analysis: shows that mixture is too thick, incomplete combustion. The main reason is the car engine overload, lack of cylinder pressure, engine temperature is too low, improper carburetor adjustment, air filter clogging, and individual cylinder ignition does not work too late and so on. When troubleshooting, should be checked in the choke is fully open, repair, if necessary; look after the flame from the carburetor main nozzle opening, if oil pouring or dripping, the float chamber oil level is too high, should be adjusted to a predetermined range tighten or replace the main jet; clogged air filter should be cleaned, clear or replacement.

 2, the exhaust pipe of the vehicle exhaust smoke blue: Fault found: true failure. Analysis: is due to the large number of oil into the cylinder, but can not due to incomplete combustion. Remove the spark plug, you can find serious carbon deposition phenomenon. Need to check the dipstick oil level is too high; the cylinder and the piston gap is too large; piston ring is installed backwards; the intake duct seals for wear or damage; the cylinder head gasket is ablation, when necessary, be restored.

 3, vehicle exhaust white smoke, severe cold car, hot car is not white smoke up: Fault found: false failures. Analysis: This is because gasoline contains water, while the engine is too cold, then the fuel into the cylinder of incomplete combustion leads to the formation of dew point or water vapor generating white smoke. Winter or rainy season when the car first launched, we often see rows of white smoke. It does not matter, once the engine temperature rises, white smoke will disappear. This condition does not have to overhaul.

 4, engine noise, step on the accelerator pedal when the vehicle is in place, the "Long, Long" abnormal sound, vibration sense in the engine compartment. Failure to determine: Use fault. Analysis: trucks, you can see the engine toe-boards have bump marks. If there are obstacles and forced through the pavement, the engine should be bump toe board. Toe plate after deformation distances near the engine oil pan, if too close, when accelerating pan will collide with the toe board abnormal noises and body vibration. Therefore, we must carefully observe traffic in the road, do not cause drag bottom phenomenon. Treatment: Remove the toe board, flattening correction can be.

 5, the steering wheel of the vehicle is always correct, he left a will, a will right erratic: Fault found: true failure. Analysis: This is due to the fixed steering groove in the rubber stopper has been completely damage caused. After the new stopper refitted, the fault completely disappear.

 6. Each time you open air, which outlet has a very unpleasant odor, the more severe wet weather: failure to determine: Maintenance fault. Analysis: air conditioning cooling works by rapid evaporation of a refrigerant absorbs heat, the air flowing through the temperature drops rapidly. Due to the evaporation temperature is low, and the air temperature is high, the water molecules in the air particles on the evaporator condenses into water droplets, and airborne dust or clothes, hair and other small seat on the substance, easily attached to the condenser The surface, which can cause mildew, bacteria will multiply. Such long-term inhalation of air by the body can affect the driver and occupant health, so air conditioning system air filter should be changed regularly, clean air ducts.

 7, drizzle windshield wiper is not clean: failure to determine: Maintenance fault. Analysis: Use the wiper without raining heavily when I feel good, but when the next rain starts the wipers, you will find the wiper will leave traces in uneven wipe the glass surface; sometimes get stuck causing poor visibility on the glass. This situation indicates that the wiper blade has hardened. The wiper is rotated by the motor energy, by connecting bars into one to one to the movement, and this force is communicated to the wiper arm. Not part of the wiper rubber hardening, wipers can not close contact with the glass surface, or the wiper blade will result in uneven wipe with scars on the form of residual dirt. Replace wiper or wiper film surface is very simple. However, the replacement should be noted that different models and years, different installation methods and length of the wiper. Some wiper replacement film is very simple. However, the replacement should be noted that different models and years, different installation methods and length of the wiper. Some only need to replace the wiper blade rubber, while others need to replace the whole windshield wiper.

8, vehicle noise: Fault found: false failures. Analysis: Whether it is luxury cars, low-end cars, imported cars, domestic cars, new cars, used cars are varying degrees of noise problems. Interior noise mainly from the engine noise, wind noise, body resonance, suspension and tire noise is the sound of five aspects. Vehicle, the engine speeds, the noise through the firewall, end walls and other incoming car; car on bumpy roads resonance generated by the body, or open windows at high speeds can not produce resonance will become noise. Due to the narrow interior space, noise can not be effectively absorbed, hit each other at times, a resonance phenomenon in the car. Driving, the car's suspension system and tire noise generated by the noise generated will be passed through the car chassis. Suspension in different ways, different tire brands, different tire tread, tire pressure different noise generated is also somewhat different; different body shape and different speed, wind noise the size of its generation is different. In general, travel speed, the greater the wind noise.

9, the operation of the engine temperature suddenly too high: Fault found: true failure. Analysis: If the vehicle during operation, the coolant temperature gauge indicates the position quickly reach 100 ℃ or during cold crank, the engine coolant temperature rises rapidly to boiling coolant in the supplement to normal, but engine power decreased, indicating that the engine mechanical system failure. Most causes of such failures is: Cooling serious leakage; cut off the water jacket and the cylinder head gasket to be washed out; the thermostat off the main valve; fan drive belt loose or broken; pump shaft and impeller loose; fan clutch operation bad.

10, when the vehicle is accelerating oil pressure indicator lights: Fault found: true, false failures coexist. Analysis: machine oil lamp lit in both cases there are real and imaginary. The so-called real, is really low oil pressure, low level of the indicator warning, indicating that the correct lubrication system failure, must be excluded. The so-called virtual, just as suspected, oil lubrication system is not a fault, but the oil pressure light on the system fails, the wrong place bright lights. Although this failure will not affect the normal operation of the engine, but also to find the root cause should be excluded for the better. Often the real possibility of a larger disease, should be judged as a failure of the main ideas.

11, the whole car shake phenomenon vehicle at high speeds: Fault found: true failure. Analysis: vehicle during normal driving to 96km / h or so when, the whole car shake phenomenon occurs, reduce speed, the phenomenon will disappear, if more time is accelerated to 90km / h or so legend has emerged shake the car chassis is defective. Its causes are: tire balancing misalignment; front and rear suspension, steering, transmission and other institutions loose; wheel alignment, wheelbase inaccurate; axle gap is too large. First, the tire balancing misalignment will scroll wheel side even beat driving, which is the main reason causing the whole car shake. Secondly, the suspension mechanism, steering mechanism, transmission mechanism Songkuang loose, causing the toe value, wheelbase inaccurate, steel spring is too soft, causing the vehicle is in motion resonance, induced the whole car shake. Again, axle gap is too large, irregularly after making of motion during running, increased wear, resulting in unbalanced rotating mass, causing the whole car shake. More trouble if not promptly removed, leading to a vicious cycle and lead to other problems.

12, when the vehicle turns, turn the steering wheel but obviously turn into a small corner, obviously turn the steering wheel is a small but turning into a big turn: Fault found: true failure. Analysis: steering occurs when two phenomena called understeer former, the latter known as oversteer, the steering system described problems. The driver's side of the vehicle steering bypass feeling of acceleration when one side is: a lack of steering performance of the car will travel outward side, with oversteer performance cars will travel the inside. When traveling radius becomes larger, it is known as understeer. When driving radius decreases, known as oversteer. There is also a shift phenomenon, initially understeer, oversteer in the middle turned into a sharp turn inward. This is the most dangerous reversal of the phenomenon, accident prone. This situation occurs only on the individual rear-engine car.

13, the engine cold start difficulties, after starting the engine vibration, and then leveled off, low speed when the engine began to shake, improved high speed. Fault found: true failure. Causes: It may be premature spark plug failure or ignition timing. If it is not the fault of the spark plug, the ignition timing is too early to judge. If the ignition timing too early, in the flash of an instant spark, the piston away from TDC, the pressure and temperature of the mixture in the cylinder is not high, resulting in the formation of a slow flame, and the flame propagation speed is low is formed, in this during a portion of the mixture from the combustion chamber spark plug far less than waiting for the spark plug came the fire, it has been due to the fuel mixture temperature radiation and expansion automatic burn up, causing deflagration, detonation causes engine shake in low speed serious. When the failure occurs, it is timely to the repair shop for repairs.

14, the engine is not running smoothly, often accompanied by a "sudden, sudden" sound, lack of engine power during acceleration, issued a "Peng Peng" put guns often, exhaust black smoke. Fault found: true failure. Analysis: There may be a carburetor and platinum fault or ignition timing too late. If the ignition timing is too late, when the engine piston from the point close to the top dead center, the spark plug firing began, mixture combustion lag, incomplete combustion piston down even when the door is opened when the exhaust gas mixture still burning, combustion chamber volume expansion and lagged inflation gas, causing the cylinder pressure is not high, the engine power down. Part of the mixed gas combustion and expansion may also return through the intake valve carburetor, resulting in tempering phenomenon, issued severe "Peng Peng" sound, incomplete combustion gas mixture Black smoke from the exhaust pipe. When the failure occurs, it is timely to the repair shop for repairs.

15, in the winter cold, the car park over time, the engine starting more difficult: Fault found: false failures. Analysis: due to low temperatures, fuel gasification rate decline, the mixture thinning and nonflammable difficult start. At the same time due to low temperatures, oil viscosity increases, increasing the engine running resistance and difficult start. In addition, the chemical reaction of the battery electrolyte slow, resulting in the start output power is low, starter ignition voltage power shortage and inadequate, difficult to start the engine. So, the car should be preceded by a cold start of the season for the engine to warm up. Pourable water jacket to the radiator and hot water or steam, the use of the water jacket in the cylinder wall temperature conductivity to make into the starting cylinder fuel easy to gasification, can raise the temperature of the combustible mixture to facilitate combustion. But also it required the battery to warm up to increase battery power, increase the starting current and ignition voltage.

16, car steering wheel are empty and heavy-duty swing when traveling on a flat road surface and swing more serious. Fault found: true failure. Analysis: generally due before the beam does not meet the technical standards and straight horizontal rod ball, turned inside the machine with the gap is too large or worn steering gear mounting bolts loose, knuckle pin and bushing wear caused by excessive. Synthesis of the above-described torque causes Songkuang formed, will push swing around the steering wheel.

17, while driving a car encounters a failure that is caused by the steering wheel swing and swing heavy car is more serious: Fault found: true failure. Analysis: Under normal circumstances due to the uneven front tire wear, make use of the new tires or mats and uneven tire rims caused by deformation. Because, when the wheel speed faster, driven mainly from the steering wheel rotational torque to tires or rims of the yaw rate. When the pendulum poor tires or rims more than 3 mm, yaw torque can drive around the steering wheel wobble. You should go to the repair shop inspection, as appropriate, the replacement of tires or rims.

18, on a good road at high speed, heavy, empty car steering wheel were rocking, heavy car swing serious, and the faster the speed, the more severe the swing: Fault found: true failure. Analysis: generally due to the brake drum and the hub connecting bolts loose wheel bearings and brake drum Songkuang hole boring off-center leaving a brake drum of varying thickness, the amount due to an imbalance. Because, at high speed, the wheel speed quickly, driven mainly from the steering wheel torque swing brake the rotation uniformity and balance of the drum and the hub, the role of unbalance inertia and anteversion were produced swing drive steering wheel torque.

19, when the clutch loose fit some jitter: Fault found: true failure. Analysis: Description of the clutch fork, release bearing, pressure plate and friction discs serious wear and tear, splitter without oil, before telescopic shaft and bearing severe wear flowers, ground black, splitter cover seal is bad burn . Cause of the above situation can only have two, one is a problem between the transmission axis positioning, causing the shaft is not parallel; the other is between its axis gap is too large.

20, unscrew the radiator cap found there are always some oil floating on the water, and found that the water when changing the oil. Fault found: true failure. Analysis: There are two cycle engine system, a cooling fluid circulation system, the other is the oil circulation system, the two systems are not mutually penetrating. If there is oil or water in the water, indicating a two loop system where there is a problem isolation. "Oil into the water" and "water into the oil" is the fault of two different properties. Once the engine is running, the oil pressure is always higher than the pressure of the cooling water, so the oil can easily enter the cooling water from a crack in the cylinder, on the contrary, the cooling water is not easy to enter the oil, so oil into the water to fall within the drain phenomenon: a cylinder a position oil passage cracking, oil through the crack gap is "squeezed" into the cooling water channel, because of the oil is lighter than water, unscrew the radiator cap can be found on the oil slick. The oil belongs to another aqueous nature of the problem, which is due to cracking or other external causes cylinder liner, the cooling water is mixed into the engine oil sump. Therefore, the "oil into the water" is the engine block itself is out of order, and the "water into the oil" is mostly engine parts caused by the nature of the failure is not the same.

21, buy a new vehicle engine shake severe, sometimes fault indicator will occasionally flashes: Fault found: false failures. Analysis: Some new cars have this case, the vehicle engine shake severe, sometimes fault indicator will occasionally flashes. Many people suspect vehicle quality problems, in fact, the real reason is dirty fuel supply system has led to contamination or blockage. At present, some advanced vehicle equipped with emission monitoring system, because such a control system can be very sensitive detection of vehicle emissions and fuel clean condition, so the use of dirty fuel will lead to fuel supply, ignition, exhaust system contamination, which led to the engine fault indicator lights and varying degrees of engine shake. So effective solution is: thoroughly clean the contaminated system, continue to add stability index performance of gasoline and add a quantity of the oil cleaner, the situation can be improved.

22, power window lift speed of each door is not the same: Fault found: false failures. Analysis: generally due to the glass elevator to enter orbit in some dust, so that the frictional resistance between the glass and the groove becomes larger, and produce such a result. This is not much of a problem, as long as the appropriate cleaning can solve the problem. Recommendations to the professional repair station operations, if you want to do it yourself, you should use a professional rubber cleaning agent. Because electric windows surrounded by many rubber seals, if the choice of cleaning agents improperly, rubber corrosion, the sealing strip deterioration, cracking, and thus lose their effect, window sealing decline.

23, when the automatic transmission car linked D position, the car has a slight vibration: Fault found: false failures. Analysis: When the vehicle is ready to start, when the automatic transmission link into the D position, under the action of the torque converter, friction plates engage first gear, generating a driving force forward, but this time due to the brake pedal This prevents the forward force, causing a slight vibration of the car. If the vibration is too large, there may be friction pad wear a forward gear transmission, need to overhaul the transmission; there may be an automatic transmission engine support or support pad damage, Su resonance caused by engine misfire. So, pay attention to the usual state of the vehicle in order to detect anomalies.

24, engine oil just replaced not long darkened: diagnosis: false failures. Analysis: There are two reasons mainly black. First, because the role of clean dispersant, followed by the use of oil is oxidized. If an oil change in the use of black, indicating that the oil did not play its normal cleaning effect. The current oil generally contain detergent dispersant and absorption of coke and oil combustion oxides to change the oil change to ensure internal engine cleanliness. So, just replace the black oil is not necessarily caused by the engine inside dirty, oil change time can be as long as required. Note: Be sure to schedule an oil change and oil filter (or cartridge). After the oil is used for a period of time, the viscosity of the oil thickens and produces an acidic product, such as occasional replacement will damage engine components, affecting the normal operation of the engine.

25, the engine oil pressure indicator display abnormal: Fault found: true failure. Analysis: When the table pointer display oil pressure is not normal, indicating that the engine is defective. If the oil pressure is low or the table pointer display meter pointer display fluctuations, may be due to pump wear and dirt filter is blocked, suction strainer set to expose the oil, low oil level, oil mixed with air and a pressure gauge malfunction and other causes. In addition, the oil viscosity is low, oil seals and poor lubrication, the lubricating oil viscosity is too cold, too much lubricating oil sludge deposits, etc. can also cause abnormal oil pressure indicator display.

26, excessive engine oil consumption: Fault found: true failure. Analysis: attentive friends will find that the lubricant in good condition, there is the case of normal consumption, but some poor condition when the car's exhaust emissions of blue smoke, in fact, which means that oil consumption is too large, the general to He said oil consumption no more than two cases, participate in the combustion into the combustion chamber, or oil leakage. The reason why oil fleeing into the combustion chamber can, mainly because of serious wear and tear parts, the gap is too large, or the oil pressure is too high, leading to the oil coming into the combustion chamber. The oil leakage mainly because seals harden aging, valve stuck. If you are older vehicles, there are generally seals due to circumstances Mifengbuyan aging. Encountered above, you preferably by a professional conservation center, the conservation engineers determine and implement effective solutions.

27, after a period of time a part of the engine oil consumption: Fault found: false failures. Analysis: national standards, the vehicle is traveling 10,000 km of normal wear and tear should be less than the amount of oil 1L. General car engine oil capacity is about 4L, when the oil level reaches the oil dipstick marking MIN at the lack of oil but 0.5-1L. If the car within ten thousand kilometers of oil loss in less than 1L is normal wear and tear, it is not considered a failure.

28, on the crankcase vent hole clogging: Fault found: true failure. Analysis: When the engine is working, there is always a gap portion of combustible gas and waste gas piston rings and cylinder wall into the crankcase. Into the crankcase oil dilution of fuel vapor will condense in the exhaust gas acids and water vapor will erode parts, oil performance, make changes, so that the oil gradually lose their effectiveness. In addition, the gas enters the crankcase of the crankshaft inside temperature and pressure were increased, resulting in oil from the seals, glands etc. leaking. Due to the reciprocating motion of the piston, the gas pressure in the crankcase fluctuated, affecting the normal operation of the engine. Severe sneaked into the crankcase oil will within the combustion chamber and the cylinder head cover, will spill from the fuel filler opening or dipstick in gaps. To avoid the phenomenon of the above conditions, the engine is provided with ventilation means, in order to balance the crankcase, the air pressure outside. Arise in the use of burning oil, oil leakage along the joints, premature deterioration of the oil and the engine idling unstable and so, you should check whether the crankcase ventilation effectively, should ensure that the vent open. And the negative pressure valve can not be deformed, adhesion or installed wrong, not bent or blocked breathing tube, the check valve can not hold against.

29, the engine throttle body and idle speed motor dirty: Fault found: true failure. Analysis: current car engine idling is installed in the throttle body askance by the idle speed stepper motor control. The engine is running, since the air quality and fuel quality reasons, will cause the throttle and idle valve engine throttle body plot has many dirt, when dirt is severe, the engine idle speed will be too low, the stability is poor or no idling throttle there is issuing phenomenon refueling. Therefore, when each driving cars in general about 20000km, cleaned and throttle body. After cleaning the engine should be set so as to achieve normal operation through diagnostic.

30, when the vehicle hard acceleration, the speed will not lift. Fault found: true failure. Analysis: car driving, slow acceleration when the car accelerated normal, hard acceleration when the speed does not improve immediately, you can not overtake. Possible causes for the engine fuel supply system failure, oil pressure, fuel injection, ignition timing does not meet specifications, spark plugs and high-voltage fault. Actual case: There is a car presence of the phenomenon. A rapid acceleration of the engine short rotation experiment also found no abnormalities. Check engine fuel supply system of hydraulic, fuel injection amount so normal, read data stream indicates a failure in the ignition system. Check the ignition timing compliant, replace the spark plug, the fault persists. Finally, check to make sure that the high-speed high-voltage spark is not strong enough. High resistance range measuring resistance value of each cylinder high-voltage with a multimeter, both in 25Ω. Due to the high-speed, large load on the engine required a strong ignition energy, and the central high-voltage resistance value is too large, resulting in ignition energy attenuation, high-pressure fire weak, causing the engine to accelerate weakness. For a set of new high-voltage lines, troubleshooting.

31, carburetor car engine hot car is not easy to start: Fault found: true failure. Analysis: If the engine is hot car status is not easy to start, which is the automatic choke system malfunctioned, causing the choke does not automatically open or not fully open. The vehicle is traveling, because the throttle opening is large, and therefore at high inlet pressure, air flow impact choke off the center axis so that the choke this time to fully open, but at low engine speeds or idling, festival valve opening is small, so the intake pressure is not choke this time only partially open or the opening of a small state. In the role of the choke, thick air mixture into the cylinder, this time when the engine stops running, the choke will close, and so on and then start the engine, overly rich mixture into the cylinder the spark plug wet, so that the engine is difficult to start . When you encounter this situation can be taken to all of the accelerator pedal depressed, the choke and throttle fully open, turn the starter, by inhalation of fresh air to dilute the mixture too thick, the engine is started. Severe flooding when the spark plug wet, remove the dry, but it is important to go to the repair shop to find out the cause of the choke can not fully open.

32, when the vehicle is traveling at high speed in the exhaust black smoke: Fault found: true failure. Analysis: Under normal circumstances, the vehicle, the driver's own high-speed black smoke into the imperceptible. However, you can use the calculation to determine the fuel consumption. Carburetor engine caused mainly by the following four reasons: oil level is too high, causing the mixture is too thick; a vacuum fuel malfunction, unduly enriched mixture; main air jet foam tube blockage; air filter clogging . Attorney air filter should first clogging. If clogged, will be ranked in the high-speed black smoke, power, economy deteriorates, it should replace the air filter. Then check the carburetor, the operation requires specialized personnel. There is the ignition system and engine to an overall test.

33, when the winter, the vehicle can not open the sunroof: Fault found: false failures. Analysis: In the winter, the outdoor parking of vehicles, the car the night before because of higher temperatures cause falling snow melted around the skylight, and after overnight, reducing the overall temperature of the vehicle, the hydraulic ice melted snow, so, very easy to make the glass window and sealants freeze frame. As easy to force open the sunroof sunroof motor and the rubber seal is damaged, and therefore have to wait until the interior temperature rises confirmation thaw and then open sunroof. Similarly, winter car wash, even if not completely wipe hot water washing, vehicles in the roof edge residual moisture will freeze, it should open the sunroof after washing so dry around water. In addition, the sunroof sealing strip surface after painting or flocking, in order to avoid freeze, paint handling dry with a soft cloth tape is best, then coated with some talcum powder. The tape flocking to dry, do not glue oil.

34, when heavy steering effort: Fault found: true failure. Analysis: The reasons are various parts of the steering system rolling bearings and plain bearings too tight, poor bearing lubrication; drag link, tie rod ball stud adjusted too tight or short of oil; steering shaft and casing bent, resulting in catching; before bundle improperly adjusted wheel; front axle vehicle or frame bent, deformed. Further steering wheel tire air loss, wheel alignment can also cause hard steering inaccurate data.

35, with the steering wheel when the vehicle is difficult to manipulate: Fault found: true failure. Analysis: both sides of the front wheel may be inconsistent with the specifications or pressure; both sides of the rear wheel caster or camber are not equal; the front sides of the hub bearing clearance inconsistent; both sides of the leaf spring or elastic camber inconsistent ; left and right sides of wheelbase difference is too large; the wheel brake gap is too small or brake drum out of round, causing one side of the brake card, dragging the brake; vehicle loading and uneven.

36, when driving the vehicle to "Floating": Fault found: true failure. Analysis: often made with the front wheel "swing" caused by reasons: shimming front tire or vehicle repair resulting total success balance is destroyed; drive shaft assembly there are loose parts; shaft assembly balancing is sabotage; damper failure; steel spring stiffness is inconsistent; steering engine wear loose; improper wheel alignment.

37, usually normal driving, but sometimes at a slow stop, emergency braking feeling, a sense of dragging the start; fuel consumption is large speed, the speed is limited: Fault found: true failure. Analysis: may be a fault in the brake master cylinder. Actual case: a car playback of the phenomenon, will play a car branch, dismantling each brake, brake wheel cylinders, calipers rails and hand brake cable etc. and found no abnormalities. Road test also found no abnormalities. After some time, the failure again, and do not move without braking pushed down. Touching two wheels, obviously overheating. After connecting the master cylinder and the bolt release vacuum booster, brake release, the car can be driven. Remove the master cylinder, booster push rod with a tool to measure the length and depth of the master cylinder piston, we found no gap between the two. This allows the master cylinder oil return is not complete, resulting in brake dragging. After padded and adjust the gap between the master cylinder and booster car loaded retest, troubleshooting.

38, driving the engine has knock loud, especially when accelerating clear: Fault found: true failure. Analysis: knocking sound similar to the sound resounded through the valve stem or "Titicaca" sound. Since most of the new engines use hydraulic tappets, valve stem clearance does not happen too much noise, it is actually a knocking sound. This sounds more due to the use of low-grade fuel due. To eliminate this failure must be more in line with the requirements of high-grade fuel. This abnormal sound in Cherokee car the most obvious. If you can not meet the requirements of the moment to buy fuel, then respond appropriately adjust the ignition timing.

39, the engine hydraulic tappet ring: Fault found: true failure. Analysis: fitted with hydraulic tappet engine, no need to adjust the valve clearance, but since the hydraulic tappets function decline or other factors, and sometimes there is abnormal sound occurs. When the engine is idling, the engine central hydraulic valve tappet side will hear a "click" sound. Sound law is not obvious, after the sound of the engine speed increase or decrease clutter disappears at high speed. Obviously cold, hot car sound waning. If the test off the fire, the sound is still there. This sounds easy to misjudge that mistaken other parts of the metal percussion, thus causing the reader's attention. The reason is abnormal sound hydraulic tappet plunger wear, valve leakage, very inadequate supply column oil pressure, the plunger and the very cylinder blocked oil. When troubleshooting, wear, leakage serious parts should be replaced. Wear lighter components can continue to use through repair.

40, the vacuum hose leaks sound: Fault found: true failure. Analysis: In use, due to the aging loose vacuum hose, loss and distortion, at idle, the upper part of the engine will hear a "hissing" sound leakage, as speed increases, the sound gradually disappear, cold machine, heat engine noise change. Meanwhile, when the engine is idling, accompanied by "chug" sound, some Annex is not enough because the vacuum does not work, the sound is small, but there are risks. The failure is due to loose vacuum hose, after shedding a vacuum because the engine is running, there is a large vacuum tube joints intake air flow generated sound. To troubleshoot the method is relatively simple, check the vacuum hose, pipe joints with or without deformation aging, cracking, falling, if damaged should be replaced with new parts.

41, black circle wheel: Fault found: false failures. Analysis: black circle because the wheel brake when braking, brake calipers and wheel disc friction wear some charcoal, charcoal powder which if not removed, because aluminum wheels wheels will heat, these Heat causes toner on the surface of coke alloy wheels, it becomes a layer of dark brown hard surface, the water can not always fall. Because the front wheel braking, the vehicle center of gravity forward, all the weight is concentrated to the front brake before causing heavy burden, which is the front-wheel brake wear down a lot more than the rear Toner reason to avoid this The phenomenon, we must frequently wash wheels.

42, driving the same brand of car, why other people's cars burn less oil, while his car was burning oil and more: Fault found: false failures. Analysis: First, the car in the rugged, steep bend on the road and more magnanimous than the flat smooth surface with low friction oil consumption to be more; the car in the sand, the soil surface than cement, asphalt the quality of roads to be more fuel; car traveling in the downtown than in the suburbs with fuel to be more. Downtown complex road car and often encounter traffic jams, low speed, and the suburbs relatively good road conditions, the car can keep pace with the economy. Secondly, you should always check the cylinder pressure changes, spark plugs and fuel systems work working status, whether the engine is selecting the ideal mixture concentration and proper ignition timing, these are the key decision of how much fuel consumption.

43, the front windshield winter fog: Fault found: false failures. Analysis: driving a vehicle in the winter, especially just a few people on the bus, the inside of the front windshield fogging easily affected by line of sight, even if constantly rub, or continue to have fog, particularly affecting driving safety. Following is a brief rapid demisting and anti-fog method: rapid demisting can turn on the AC switch, outlet selector knob to blow the windscreen position, three or more closed or reduced outlet, the air volume adjustment knob rotation to the appropriate location. If the outside air is dry, the air is good, the intake should be selected from outside the vehicle, on the contrary can choose the interior air circulation. The temperature control knob to the right position so that the inside temperature comfortable. Glass anti-fog anti-fog agent dedicated glass, supermarket or car shop on sale, the price is not expensive, very good. Without a special anti-fog agent glass, you can also use household glass detergent or detergent instead, it would wet a clean cloth, wipe the windshield inner surface, then wipe clean the glass can also play the role of anti-fog.

44, when the slope stop, sometimes "P" shift position of the shift can not move: Fault found: false failures. Analysis: Sometimes hill after parking the vehicle again, "P" shift position can not move the file to start the engine when the phenomenon. This is because we usually are the first stop after depressing the brake, the stalls down "P" shift position, lift the rear brake pedal, the vehicle will move because of the weight, resulting in mechanical locking transmission within the "claw" force card slot in the claw due cause occurs when moving files to effortlessly feeling. This is not a fault, the appropriate procedure would avoid such a situation.
45, from the mist inside the headlamp: Fault found: true failure. Analysis: After the headlight cover breathable passage of a plastic or rubber, this passage in the headlamp structure must exist, or the thermal expansion of the gas can not be excluded that this ventilation channel can only be a gas can not water. If a slight haze phenomenon, after air circulation or open headlamp will soon dispersed, if there is always water or mist not afford to loose you need to go to a professional car repair workshop excluded.

46, uneven road vehicle travel or the "creak" sound isolation through the deceleration zone: Fault found: false failures. Analysis: Under normal circumstances, whether new or used car, or when you walk through the uneven pavement road deceleration buffer zone, will have a "creak" sound. The new car will be less sound, old cars will be larger, it is not a malfunction. This is due to the current cars have adopted independent suspension structure, in order to achieve damping portion connected with a rubber parts vibration when the vehicle reaches a certain extent, due to deformation of rubber parts and sound, when the amplitude of oscillation is relatively small , the sound is relatively small.

47, when the clutch pedal slightly "creak" sound: Fault found: false failures. Analysis: Some vehicles at the time of the clutch pedal, always will be issued similar to "squeak, squeak" sound, it is annoying, but also thought it was a clutch failure, this phenomenon is due to the support shaft due to the long clutch pedal The slight wear and tear caused by the use of the general office of the support shaft apply some lubricant on it.

48, the liquid level in the brake master cylinder cup of oil continue to decrease with the use of: Fault found: false failures. Analysis: Some friends often careful cleaning, inspection of vehicles. Will find the brake fluid level in the brake fluid cup constantly low, this is not a malfunction. This is because with the use of the vehicle, the brake pads gradually wear thin, the brake fluid in the master cylinder cup oil continues into the brake cylinder, which is normal, when the replacement of brake pads, brake fluid level it can return to its original height of.

49, there is a slight "leak" sound when the brake pedal: Fault found: false failures. Analysis: This is the sound emitted by the vacuum booster. Vacuum brake booster works with the atmospheric pressure difference between the negative pressure produced when using the engine working between turbocharger to force the inner rubber diaphragm to move, push the brake master cylinder piston, in order to relieve the driver the brake pedal force. When not step on the brake pedal, the engine intake manifold negative pressure is introduced into the cavity on both sides of the diaphragm, the pressure balance, so booster does not work, when the brake pedal, booster rubber diaphragm cavity The vacuum hole is closed, and open the air holes allow outside air to enter the cavity pressure greater than atmospheric pressure due to the other chamber, forcing the rubber diaphragm to move and drive the brake master cylinder piston moves, which play a supercharging effect.

50, when the brake pedal, shift lever at the "clicking" sound: Fault found: false failures. Analysis: automatic transmission shift lever to prevent misuse of vehicles generally have features to prevent a driver or vehicle occupant due to misuse a security incident. Therefore, in the "P" shift position without the brake pedal is not moving the shift lever. The shift lever at the "clicking" sound is the sound of the solenoid valve action, every step on the brake pedal once, the solenoid valve will be audible.

51, the clutch pedal is depressed amount of hours, holding stalls not happy, and sometimes when you hang gear impacts. Fault found: false failures. Analysis: Some cars use a clutch cable style. When there will be a period of time after the clutch pedal gradually becomes lower, feeling the clutch stroke short, not happy when hanging files, sometimes when you hang gear impacts. This is because the cable adjuster lock nut fixing the clutch pedal with the increase in the number of threads caused by automatic rotation. This is not a fault, just a little rotationally fixed locking nut on it.

52, when the fuel, the engine speed increases but the speed did not improve: Fault found: true failure. Analysis: When the vehicle if the vehicle is accelerating discovery, especially when rapid acceleration of the vehicle can not be increased as the engine speed and acceleration, the manual transmission, it is usually due to damage caused by the clutch plate. Automatic transmission vehicle is generally due to the friction plates caused damage within the transmission. At this point you can not speed up traffic, and in order to avoid greater economic losses. They should seek help or slowly the vehicle to the repair station for repairs.

53, door glass when lifting, there is a slight "Gala" sound: failure to determine: Maintenance fault. Analysis: Cars in use for some time will appear when the door glass lift, there is a slight "Gala" sound. Especially the driver's side of the grave. This is mainly because a large north wind often glass door in place and remain in contact with the sealing strip some fine dust and gravel, causing noise when the glass elevator. Then it must promptly clean sealing tape and slide down the door glass dust tank, otherwise it will scratch the glass door.

54, when the seat belt is not freely withdraw: Fault found: false failures. Analysis: Some automatic roll-back of the vehicle seat belt will appear after a period of time can not be recovered later when the seat belt release, usually this is because the seat belt caused by dirty, as long as doing the cleaning will be solved.

55, when the turn signal lights, blinking frequency faster than usual: Fault found: true failure. Analysis: When moving the turn signal lever, the steering on the dashboard indicator lights flash frequency faster than usual, it is the fault. Usually on one side of the steering due after the lamp is broken, because the line of resistance changes caused. When your vehicle When this behavior occurs, must be timely check and replace, to ensure traffic safety.

56, the air conditioning turned the engine when the vehicle speed does not change: Fault found: false failures. Analysis: air conditioning when the engine speed has increased in normal vehicle, which is to meet the load requirements of the air conditioning compressor, keep the engine idling stability. However, many of the new vehicle configuration engine, the air conditioning when the engine is not to improve the speed, but on the increase in engine injector fuel injection time to maintain the stability of the engine idle speed. Therefore, no air conditioning when the engine speed is not necessarily the fault.

57, the air conditioning vent air volume is small: failure to determine: Maintenance fault. Analysis: outlet air flow inside the vehicle with the use of the vehicle will appear at the same fan speed progressively smaller amount of wind phenomenon, while the cooling effect is reduced. Usually this is because many new cars are equipped with air filters, the purpose is installed inside the vehicle in order to maintain access to clean air, which also makes air conditioning evaporator to keep clean, get the best cooling effect. Will be covered with dust filter after a period of time resulting in reduced permeability, followed by the outlet air flow also decreased. Therefore, as long as the replacement of the filter problem is solved.

58, the vehicle rear door does not open from the inside: Fault found: false failures. Analysis: The current cars are generally at the back door of the vehicle fitted with child locks to prevent children ride in the back seat due to misuse of the door open, a security incident. Many people in the lack of attention to cleaning vehicle, moving the child lock handle, ride in the back seat occupant appeared from the inside to open the door. This is not a fault, just open the door from the outside of the vehicle and then moved to the child lock in the open position the handle on it.

59, winter morning, sometimes the doors can not be opened: Fault found: false failures. Analysis: After washing the winter, on the open-air vehicle often can not open the door of the phenomenon, which is not a fault, is due to washing residual moisture left on the sealing strip Siemens, causing adhesions after the water freezes cause. If the adhesion is not very serious, it can take the way to force the door open open. If the situation is very serious adhesions, forced open will damage the door seal strip.

60, door key winter morning sometimes can not rotate: Fault found: false failures. Analysis: After washing the winter, often in the open-air vehicle door key phenomenon can not be rotated. This is not a failure, is due to residual water washing into the key hole caused when the key is inserted into the keyhole, which the locking mechanism can not bounce, there can not twist the key. At this point, do not vigorously to twist, otherwise it will cause damage or deformation of the keys can not be used. Should be taken to use the remote control to open the door or open the door heating.

61, an automatic transmission vehicle does not step on the brake pedal lever can not move: Fault found: false failures. Analysis: This is a feature designed for safety, not a malfunction. When the ignition switch is not turned on, the brake pedal is not depressed or remove the ignition key, the shift lever can not be withdrawn from the P position. If you need to quit, you can press the emergency button to release the lock of the shift lever. If the phase shift is not in the P position, the ignition key can not go LOCK locked position. When the ignition switch is turned on, it must depress the brake pedal in order to change the shift lever from the P position to other positions. Because the guide pins must reach to make unlocking, it also needs to press the button on the shift lever.

62 vehicles with ABS braking in an emergency, a "quack" noise: Fault found: false failures. Analysis: vehicles with ABS, emergency braking, a "quack" noise, which is the normal sound of ABS issued at reduced pressure to perform pump operation, at the same time, the brake pedal will be accompanied by the beating of the upper and lower shells foot feeling. When the wheel braking, sensors mounted on the wheel immediately to sense whether the wheels from locking, and signals to the computer. For locking the wheels, the computer immediately reduce the braking force to the wheel, and the wheel continued to rotate, rotate to a certain extent, the computer applies the brakes and issue commands to ensure that both braked and the wheels will not lock. Such repeated until the car was completely stopped. A second between the computer can detect hundreds of wheels and brake system while dozens of manipulation, however, ABS emergency braking only works as long as, in general, work or ordinary braking system.

63, when the opening warm winter windscreen mist, accompanied by sweet: Fault found: true failure. Analysis: This phenomenon occurs when you use hot air vehicle, generally due to the cab heating tank slight leakage. Windshield mist on the wind generated by the blower drive the car sinks leaked antifreeze blowing duct, due to condensation on the front windshield, but people can feel a special anti-icing fluid flavor. It should turn off the fan, the fog gradually dispersed. But to timely repair to a professional repair shop.

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