Car OBD interface for parsing and experience
Most owners have heard OBD interface to this matter, but in the end the OBD Interface is something, can do what they do not understand, can only be to the 4S shop maintenance mechanic during the detection time to see the A dedicated computer detector, access to the see the position of the jack, then the vehicle fault code is cleared, after cleaning the throttle is no longer being given. In fact, this interface does not think so mysterious, and for the owners, learn to use the OBD interface to let you become a car expert!
OBD resolve
● What is OBD?
OBD abbreviation as a proper noun, its wholly-called On Board Diagnostics, Chinese meaning: Car automatic diagnostic systems. The system can work in the car during the operation of the real-time status monitoring engine electronic control system and other functional modules of the vehicle and, if found abnormal conditions, it is determined that the specific fault according to a specific algorithm, and diagnostic trouble codes (DTC , Diagnostic Trouble Codes) are stored on the memory system. Useful information systems since the diagnosis was available to help repair and maintenance of vehicles, maintenance personnel can use a dedicated automotive original equipment read fault codes, which can quickly locate the fault in order to repair the vehicle, reducing manual diagnosis time.

Due to the different initial asking vendors OBD system of their own ways, they are not compatible, so in order to uniform standards, the American Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE, Society of Automotive Engineers) 1988 formulated the OBD-II standard. OBD-II standard test procedures implemented and has stringent emissions targeted for real-time monitoring of vehicle exhaust emissions.

    As a system to monitor emissions, OBD in later development gradually expanded its control range, with a variety of sensors and electronics to improve the degree of vehicle, OBD monitoring the various functions into their jurisdiction inside. Now we talk about OBD Interface OBD usually use the word, because we can only see the transmission interface of this system on the vehicle, but it is in fact behind the entire vehicle control assembly system.
Early OBD interface based on ISO protocols K-Line communication through computer standard serial communication with an external device is connected, since its half-duplex communication efficiency is relatively low, so that the basic means of communication have been eliminated. In recent years, technological advances have made the new bus system CAN-BUS communication will become the mainstream, CAN-BUS also uses ISO-based protocol, but it belongs to the network type distribution, with strong scalability, the domestic market Also in July 2008 began a mandatory requirement for all vehicles sold in the market must be equipped with this agreement, this agreement introduced to the vehicle testing work has been greatly simplified, a detector can be for multiple brands of vehicles for testing.
● OBD Interface can be done?
1. trip computer data
OBD interface as a communication interface vehicle monitoring system, in addition to read the fault code for repair, the primary function is to provide a variety of operating conditions data of the vehicle, in addition to data on the vehicle instrument display, the actual record of the trip computer The data to be much more, including many non-vehicle traffic computer screen configuration, the fuel consumption actually recorded, battery voltage, fuel ratio, throttle opening, knocking quantity of data in the system are recorded, but manufacturers will be because the price of the configuration and other factors, at a lower configuration models remove the trip computer display this configuration, the customer can not refer to these useful data, so there are some special trip computer display products in the market.
These products come in two forms, one is connected to the OBD interface to the vehicle via a dedicated data line. The data is read out and then displayed on the display screen supporting, substantially equal to its own installation of a trip computer display. Usually cable may have been inserted in the OBD interface is not off, but simply to secure the display, the owner can select the data to be displayed on their own.
Another product is a form of wireless OBD interface adapter + smartphone client software. This mobile terminal cooperating with the OBD port readers like to join the single-chip wireless communication module, the data via Bluetooth or Wifi OBD interface to read will be transmitted to the smart phone side, and through the end of the phone software that was presented to the user.

   2. Change the code more features
obd interface for parsing
Hyundai Motor's electronic control system can interface to access via OBD CANBUS bus vehicle control system, the function of each control module of the vehicle to be adjusted, where the most famous application is developed by the Ross Tech 5053 series of data lines and VCDS diagnostic software system Many riders love to use the public system of the equipment adjustment system function VW, since the CAN-BUS features VW's powerful, and because the configuration and price factors, so that the public in a different model, "close" a lot of configuration-related function and comfort, and access to vehicle OBD interface via CAN bus data lines and adjust the code of each module can be achieved in many different "hidden" feature, so free "equipped with" For many Volkswagen owners It is very attractive.
3. Read flashed ECU TCU program

With hardware-board computer system upgrades, modern vehicle ECU (Electronic Control Unit) program memory of the engine electronic control unit of a read-only by the previous write-brush into a can, so factory settings at any time in order to be able to ECU's control program to be updated, as the phone's firmware upgrade, for different driving conditions by region or ECU system upgrade program so that the engine can adapt to different working environment.
For some manufacturers also joined the brake transmission that can be flashed of TCU (Transmission Control Unit) transmission control unit. Volkswagen's seven-speed DSG gearbox problem early on in the 4S shop tried by a computer to flash TCU way to change the number of the corresponding parameters DSG gearbox, to avoid problems.
Modified very quickly found manufacturers can brush written procedures ECU and TCU convenience, so Hyundai modified more than a brush to write such ECU program modification projects. Original ECU program for stability and economic considerations, usually in power output had reservations, but modified by overwriting the original vehicle manufacturer ECU data can be realized enhance the power, and the TCU program can be rewritten to make the shift box more responsive or have become more radical shift timing to improve performance of the vehicle. After all this becomes easy with OBD port, just a computer and a data line connected to the OBD interface can be completed brush written work.

Summary: OBD interface to appear at the beginning just to monitor emissions vehicles provided, but the development in recent years has been OBD across generations, function and role have been greatly improved, and as our end users, OBD Interface What specific role for our car can play, and how should we operate? Editors have chosen the market's most typical several OBD Interface tool, we will apply for your method of detailed analysis OBD Interface Tool In the next article, and usability testing, let us put this magical interface fully utilized !

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